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Abandoned Dog FounԀ Tied To Tree With Heartbreaking Note..

Roadie was a German/Australian shepherd mix who lived a pampered life.

According to her owner, the rescued dog had her own couch, a memory foam bed, and a doting owner who regularly fed her chicken, steak, and premium dog food, according to WTHR.

But when the pandemic hit, Roadie’s owner lost his job and his home, and suddenly found himself unable to care for his pet.

In his desperation, Roadie’s owner must have believed abandoning the dog was the only thing he could do, because Roadie was later found tied to a tree with a heartbreaking note.

“I was a spoiled girl, my dad gave me my own couch to lay on and my own memory foam bed,” the handwritten missive read. “My dad lost his job and soon his home from COVID.”

Fortunately, somebody discovered the dog and brought her to Johnson County Animal Control, where she will be cared for and put up for adoption — just like her owner wanted. But the abandoned dog’s story could have also had a much different ending.

“My heart certainly goes out to that individual,” shelter director Michael Delp told WTHR. “However, to release a dog out in the middle of nowhere that’s just not the way to go about it. There’s all kinds of things that could happen to this animal. Struck by a vehicle or attacked by other animals.”

Unfortunately, Delp has seen many people surrender their pets during the pandemic, although most of these people have correctly contacted the shelter for help.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are struggling to care for your pets, please contact your local shelter or humane society.

Many of these organizations offer pet food, supplies, re-homing, and other services to help pets and their owners navigate these difficult times. We don’t doubt Roadie’s former owner loved her very much, but abandoning the dog to fend for herself was the worst way to remedy this situation.

Fortunately, it looks like Roadie is one very lucky girl. Not only was she rescued and taken to an animal shelter, Johnson County Animal Control has apparently been flooded with adoption offers from people eager to welcome this dog into their families.

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Congratulations, Roadie! Find out more about Roadie’s story in the video below!

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