Ferret grew up with a German Shepherd! And now he thinks he’s a dog too

Examples of the Friendship of some animals make you touch the love that sometimes arises between our smaller Brothers proves once again that feelings Know No Boundaries in the World of Pets perhaps such cases include the friendship between a German Shepherd named Nova and a ferret named Paco Diana grip from Vilnius has always dreamed of having several pets.

But not about two dogs or cats she wanted her pets to be different of course she had a fear that her two favorites would not be able to get along together first Diana got a German Shepherd Nova she was very playful and intelligent dog and Diana soon began introducing her to various animals she had pet rats and hamsters at home as a result the dog got along with everyone and as soon as the girl realized that the dog would react normally to the appearance of the second small pet.

She went after the ferry Diana had her eye on ferrets for a long time after studying the issue she found out that very often in nurseries grow up with dogs and get along well with them the girl was right when Paco ignore the shepherd searching all corners of the apartment but after 2 days he gave up thus begin a very touching friendship between two such different animals now Paco and Nova are inseparable they play sleep and eat together and the two of them have a lot of fun.

Moreover the head of their family is packo despite his tiny size he is the main reason is always very patient with the parents the shepherd handles the baby very carefully does not lose sight of him and takes care of him Diana says that her pets despite the fact that they are so different in appearance are very similar to each other they are playful curious and sometimes living in her house if you enjoyed the video please like And subscribe to the channel for more amazing videos.

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