The hen was unavailable and left the chicks to be taken care of by the dog. How did the dog react?

people always say that pets look like their owners and it also happens that seemingly completely different animals for example a cat and a dog living together can end up resembling each other like siblings contrary to all stereotypes kinky the cat from Japan seems to sincerely consider himself a dog and probably not just any breed but is she but he knew breed who else could he be if his three brothers are Sheba

as the owner of the pet says her husband was against having a cat in the house for a long time since he always considered himself exclusively a dog person but since his wife dreamed of a cat in the end he had to give in after some time I managed to find a cat that even he liked and now they are practically Inseparable but both of them were worried about how the cat would get along with their three dogs and it was completely in vain he instantly joined the ranks of the dogs

now Kiki behaves exactly the same as his name Brothers he even takes exactly the same poses true he doesn’t always into account that he is still different in size from them and he seems to be very surprised by this Kiki is just as obedient as her puppy friends she is captured in photographs in the same pose with her doggy friends

her honors even claim that she behaves like a puppy now Kiki and the dogs do everything together from Bedtime to long walks our dogs are usually quiet so Kiki can sleep a lot just like cats do I often hear the dogs tend to adapt to their owners daily routine and cats for the kind of party animals that get up early and wake you up at 4:00 a.m. or something like that but our Kiki sleeps with the rest until everything is wake up I think that in happy family’s everyone grows up equally and together if you enjoyed the video

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